The Base is quite simply a family of believers that gather to glorify God through our corporate meetings and through our very lives. We believe that God desires a close intimate relationship with every person and His very presence comes in the room when we diligently seek Him. In this place there is fullness of joy, there is peace, there is love, there is forgiveness, acceptance, growth, power.  There is everything because He is everything. We believe that God wants His tangible presence and power to spill out of His churches and their walls and out of the hearts and lives of His people. A literal Awakening of the hearts of men. Our small part in that is create an atmosphere where God can come and dwell among His people.

We are believing for the entire state of Iowa to feel, receive and be overtaken by this presence, this love, the very truth and power of the Gospel. We have accepted the state of Iowa as our mission field and are pursing the King and His Kingdom in all aspects for our land.

Come as you are, casual dress code and don’t be afraid of your past, your baggage or your hurts because God will take them all and make all things new in your life again.