At The Base, we see the need for everyone to have a solid individual identity in God to properly grow and function. God has created you as a unique and wonderfully made person with specific attributes. We see part of our role is to help you find that identity and discover who God has made you to be, and how to use your life, gifts and passions to know and glorify Him. Our mission is to provide opportunities for you to explore your gifts and watch yourself move in strengths you knew were there and maybe some you did not know existed. Your life and identity are important to God and His Body. Our hope is to share our lives while relentlessly pursuing God together.


To see the Church worldwide as a united, vibrant, alive family that works together instead of competes with each other, to impact culture and society with Biblical, Kingdom based principles and modeling the teachings of Christ. We describe this Church as a group of ’Awakened’ Christians that refuse to be spiritually asleep, or just to occupy space in a pew out of ritual, but rather feel compelled to be engaged with God on an individual level to where their very life carries His love and overflows with Godly influence. So essentially, our hope is to be a catalyst to Awaken the Hearts of men to touch the culture around them.


  1. Ministry to The Lord: Scripturally based and Spirit-energized creative worship and praise.
  2. The releasing of revelatory truth to awaken and empower people into identity, purpose and destiny.
  3. Raising of emerging leaders and generations through intentional discipleship and spiritual fathering. This is by opportunity and vision for the individual.
  4. Five-Fold Ministry Gifts developed to go out and advance the Kingdom of God by establishing ministries, churches and regional training centers. This is both a national and international focus.
  5. To establish a fully functioning Kingdom Center in Iowa connecting leaders and churches and by gatherings to impart truth and release individuals into functioning in their gifting. This includes our current School of Ministry.
  6. Intercessory Prayer: Our emphasis is on intercession and prayer for the State of Iowa, nation and nations by using the six types of prayer found in scripture.
  7. The Commissioning of Kingdom leaders into destiny: This involves encouraging and releasing members of the Body of Christ to influence and impact the seven mountains of culture beyond the Church by becoming involved in business, civil government, education, family, media, arts and entertainment.